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The Complete Combatant - Brian Hill

About the Instructor

My name is Brian Hill and I am owner and head Coach of Fusion Fitness and Mixed Martial Arts and The Complete Combatant. I have over 30 years experience in training and instructional combative firearm techniques and Martial Arts.

If you are your first responder, then you are responsible for a wide array of skill sets. Seeing, recognizing, and believing danger is the first task. Having a plan for avoidance, deselection , and escalation are next. If these fail, the fight is on, and must be won. After the fight there must be follow up procedures that allow you to survive and stay out legal trouble. The first time you have to use force, and everything is on the line, and should not be the first time you have to practice all of these skills.

I have specifically designed The Complete Combatant for our US citizens that "carry or want to". I have always seen a need for the varied disciplines of self protection to be combined. From the first sign of danger, to dealing with the legal system in the aftermath, you need to consider all the different aspects of personal protection. Proper strategy, escalation of force and employment of tools…is one complete subject. Using position, terrain, firearm skills and what is available to you, will help you to fight back more effectively. Being creative and adapting could save you or a loved one. We also HOST the top trainers and minds in the country so no excuses! All aspects of training are available!

Remember the overused, yet perfect cliche' is real...."YOU ARE THE WEAPON AND EVERYTHING ELSE IS JUST A TOOL".

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