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Sage Dynamics - Aaron Cowan

About the Company

Sage Dynamics offers total-package training solutions for Citizens, Law Enforcement, Military and Private Security. Designed to introduce and build unconscious competence in real-world skills from the fundamental to expert level, Sage Dynamics places an exclusive focus on the reality on use of force situations faced by people from all walks of life and occupations. Each program is designed to address the three-dimensional world and three-dimensional threat, avoiding the traditional range mentality that has plagued realistic training for decades.

Sage Dynamics also offers courses that are intended for the private citizen, utilizing training techniques that are purposefully designed for personal protection and the defense of others. From basic safety to advanced weapons manipulation skills, Sage Dynamics instructs in practical and effective methods for confronting threats in and out of the home. Just as with our LE/Mil programs, citizen focused training courses are designed to address the reality of self-defense in three-dimensions.

Purpose Driven.

Realism is the key to success. Developing training to prove this truth, Sage Dynamics has invested heavily in psychological, physiological, anatomical, and bio-mechanical research. This knowledge paired with decades of experience gained from the law enforcement, military and private security fields, allows Sage Dynamics to offer a product that can dramatically increase the technical and tactical proficiency of the individual or the team.

We don’t train shooters...we teach superiority.

About the Instructor

Aaron Cowan began his career in the United States Army (11M) in 1999, serving seven years in the infantry. During his time in the military he served as a rifleman, squad automatic rifleman and designated marksman; receiving training in small unit tactics, close quarters combat and ballistic and mechanical breaching.

After leaving active duty, Aaron worked as a private security contractor both CONUS and OCONUS; conducting convoy security, close protection details, static security and relief security during natural disasters.

Aaron served over ten years in law enforcement, both Federal and state, working both uniform and plain clothed assignments. Aaron served as a SWAT/SRT member, Sniper section member, deputy SRT commander, Field Training officer and training coordinator.

In 2011, Aaron formed Sage Dynamics with the goal of maximizing training realism and developing more efficient problem solvers. Aaron has trained thousands of students since Sage Dynamics taught its first course; every day citizens, law enforcement and military. Sage has aided in the development of policies and training practices in use by state and federal law enforcement, and private security companies. Aaron has also been instrumental in driving the adoption of red dot sights on handguns for duty use; He authored the first white paper on the subject and since its publication, it has been used in whole or in part by over 300 police departments world wide to justify the adoption of RDS sights for duty handguns.

Aaron holds multiple certifications including:

National Rifle Association Law Enforcement Handgun Instructor

National Rifle Association Law Enforcement Shotgun Instructor

National Rifle Association Law Enforcement Patrol Rifle Instructor

National Rifle Association Law Enforcement Precision Rifle Instructor

Advanced law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Active Shooter Response Instructor

General Dynamics Simunition Scenario Instructor with Safety Officer Certification

Fabrique Nationale d'Herstal FN-303 Less Lethal Launcher Instructor

California POST certified academy instructor

Aaron continues to serve in law enforcement in addition to being an instructor with Sage Dynamics.

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