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Peacekeepers Training

About the Company

Our mission is to provide high quality, professional training in the areas of law enforcement, security and community safety.

We have devoted our careers to searching for the best tactics, learning techniques, and information available. We have also conducted our own research and developed our own field-tested techniques in our individual areas of expertise. It was the desire to share our collective knowledge with the law enforcement departments, private security agencies and members of the community that brought us together as Peacekeepers Training.

Originally called 21st Century Peacekeepers, our company was formed September 6, 2001, by three experienced law enforcement professionals. Additional owners, partners and instructors have joined the staff over the years to give us an even broader base of experience and expertise.

Our staff instructors have decades of combined experience in law enforcement and training law enforcement personnel. We also have an extensive network of guest instructors and advisors who provide subject matter expertise. We offer Continuing Education credits in Missouri and many other states.

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