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About the Company


This isn't tactical training. Everyone loves to use (overuse) the word, 'Tactical.' Life is nothing but tactics–choices from one situation to the next. Making choices based on not having the full picture is not a good idea no matter what buzzword you put before it. At MDFI, we work to give you the tools that help you make the right choice. We wont be there when you choose.

MDFI bases all of its training around the “Whole Person Concept” – essentially focusing on the traits that compose a responsible citizen. The goal of MDFI is to establish and build on a solid defensive foundation in the areas of firearms, less lethal tools, medical skills and other associated disciplines.

About the Instructor

Our staff is dedicated to helping ensure the safety and security of the citizens of Michigan and surrounding states by providing sound, proven defensive instruction in a fun, educational and safe environment so students can grow as responsible shooters and gun owners.

We have certified Military/ NRA / Law Enforcement trainers on staff. Our trainers are continually updating their own training, to bring you the most current proven techniques in the industry.

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