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FPF Training - John Murphy

About the Company

Self-Defense Is More Than Shooting

Shooting accurately is a mechanical skill that’s relatively easy to learn. But shooting is only one small part of the self-defense paradigm. For average citizens to get the best return on their investment of training time and money, we believe shooting skills must be acquired and practiced not in a vacuum but in an immersive, real-world context that reinforces the spectrum of skills required for the adoption of this lifestyle.


Our mission is to provide training focused on the skills that provide the best chance for success in a self-defense situation. No Hollywood-style gun play or “trademark pending” techniques that look cool but fail under the pressure of violence wielded by a determined opponent. Instead, we help people like you develop the skills, find the equipment, and cultivate the kind of attitude that can help ordinary people prevail in extraordinary circumstances. We prepare you to avoid the threat if you can, and teach you how to stop it if you must.

About the Instructor

John Murphy did ten years in the Marine Corps and currently works for the Department of Defense, but he makes no claim to being a combat veteran. He considers himself very fortunate to have trained under some of the most respected firearms instructors in the country, and he’s learned much more about shooting and self-defense outside the military than he ever did during his service. As an instructor, John has incorporated the best and most practical methods and techniques into his courses, and he continues to train and refine his skills every year, both as a defensive shooter and as a trainer. John has presented classroom and range instruction at the multiple Rangemaster Conferences, and currently holds an 'Advanced Instructor' rating from Rangemaster.

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