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Baer Solutions - Drew Estell

About the Company

BAERSolutions is more than just a training company. It's a solution to your shooting needs, and most importantly. it's a commitment to be invested in your success.

About the Instructor

I'm Drew Estell. In my more than a decade long special operations career, I was fortunate enough to serve with soldiers and instructors who were invested in my success, and as such have benefited from the years of experience that each of them had. One thing I have learned is that no shooter is the same. Fundamentals are a constant in this profession. With that said, each person has to tailor training and techniques to fit their particular needs. By programming training to maximize the learning curve, we can get customers from their current level of performance to a higher one much quicker.

In my Army career I've been deployed numerous times to combat zones and had other unique experiences that bring a different perspective to training. I've seen what bad training can do to a team and individual, and I've seen what good training can do for those same people. My methodology is based on my real world experience, training, and lessons learned along the way. I believe you can learn something from everyone, and shouldn't dismiss something new because it is outside of our comfort level, as long as it makes us more lethal and achieves our end state. Everything we do on the flat range translates to its "real world" application. There are things that look cool, and there are things that perform when we need them to. Our training is meant to perform when it counts.

My core tenets of training are

  • Provide as much one-on-one feedback possible.
  • Be invested in students.
  • Know why a student is attending the training.
  • Know what they need to get from training.
  • Be open.
  • Provide "why" I teach what I do.
  • Understand each shooter's level of proficiency.
  • Refine the basics to support progress.
  • Maximize economy of motion.
  • Who wins the fight, is who gets accurate shots on target the fastest.

In training you can expect me to give the personal attention to your success that others have afforded me in my career. From you, I expect you to bring an open mind and be motivated to learn from each class. When it's time to work, it's time to work.

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