FAQ - Pew Pew Training

Pew Pew Training is a directory of pistol, rifle, precision, concealed carry, tactical and other firearms training courses across North America. Each Friday, we send out a curated email of the latest things we find and upcoming firearms training courses near you.

I started Pew Pew Training because I didn't know how to find upcoming training courses near me. Most of the reputable instructors would post their courses on Instagram and, by the time I would find out about them, everything was sold out. So I built Pew Pew Training to solve my own problem: I want more firearms training and I don't want to search for it.

I'm Paul Singh. I’m a dad, entrepreneur, speaker, investor, Airstreamer, wannabe woodworker and aspiring competitive shooter. My day job is running Results Junkies and I build/curate Pew Pew Training in my free time.

The simplest answer is to call your local shooting range to see what courses they offer. The best answer is to find a reputable firearms trainer near you and signup for a course.

If you're starting from scratch, I strongly recommend starting with a beginner's pistol course or concealed carry course. You'll learn the basics of safe firearm handling and have a strong foundation to grow.

If you're just starting out, you won't need anything but the will to learn. Most shooting ranges and firearms instructors will allow you to rent everything you need.

As you get more experience, you'll naturally learn your own preferences. If you really want suggestions, email me and I'll share the products I personally use every day.

Pretty simple: tell us what you're looking for and we'll email you once it's in stock. When you signup and pay for the subscription, you'll automatically receive 15% off the retail price and we'll ship your first case immediately.

Every 30 days, we'll have another case ready to ship you. If the retail price is lower than the previous month, we'll automatically discount it 15% and ship it to you. If the retail price is higher than last month, we'll email you first to see what you want to do.

No matter the retail price, you'll always receive 15% off. You can skip a month or pause anytime, absolutely free.

Easy. Email me, let's talk.