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Upcoming Courses

Rifle Performance 1 | Black Iron Performance

Red Dot Pistol: Fundamentals and Performance 2 Day Course | Modern Samurai Project

Three Day Carry Trainer Course | Carry Trainer

Defensive Pistol | Achilles Heel Tactical

Low Light Pistol w/ SlyTac Training | Baer Solutions

Practical Pistol | Capable Inc

Contact and Control Techniques and Tactics (2 Days) | Green Ops

Foundation Handgun – Jackson | MDFI

RDS Handgun Instructor (LE) | Sage Dynamics

SHOT Show | Centrifuge Training

Introduction to Carbine | Silver Eagle Group

Frontier Practice Day | Peacemaker National Training Center

Pistol 1 | Warrior Poet Society

Shot Show | Sentinel Concepts

Pistol + Carbine 1 | Kagwerks

Tactical Conference 2020 | 360 Performance Shooting

Cover Your ASP Tour + Church Security | Active Self Protection

Gun Fighter Pistol Course Level 1 | Fieldcraft Survival

No Fail Pistol Mead Hall OK | Presscheck Consulting

Low Light / No Light Drills | Kinetic Consulting

And hundreds more...